Sectigo Instant SSL Premium

$179.99 Annual

Organization Validation

Instant SSL Premium is an Organization Validated SSL certificate, you’ll have to undergo light business vetting, but don’t get too hung up on that. It’s a breeze for any company or organization with up to date registration info.

$250,000 Warranty

Instant SSL Premium comes backed by the most generous warranty in the Instant SSL line: $250,000. If anything goes wrong on Sectigo’s end, you’ll be insured up to 250K.

Sectigo Secure Seal

There are few names or logos that are more recognizable or trustworthy than Sectigo’s Secure seal. Putting one on your checkout page is proven to instill trust in customers and boost conversions.

Instant Assurance

Whenever someone visits your site, Instant SSL Premium will provide assurance by displaying verified information in your certificate details and when someone clicks your site seal.


Instant SSL Premium is Organization Validated, meaning it requires light business vetting to obtain. This takes 1-3 days.


If there’s ever any sort of issue on Sectigo’s end, your company or organization is insured up to $250,000.

Site Seal

Instant SSL comes backed by the Sectigo Secure seal, one of the most instantly recognizable and trusted seals on the internet.

Product Line

Instant SSL provides industry standard encryption and instant assurance to any company or organization.

Assurance & Authentication

Instant SSL Premium is an excellent OV SSL certificate, leveraging strong encryption against a generous warranty that should give peace of mind to almost any business owner. If your customers know where to look (certificate details, clicking site seals) they can see verified business information, as well. However, it’s worth noting that if your company or organization needs to establish the greatest level of trust and confidence, you’ll likely need an Extended Validation SSL certificate.