Sectigo Instant SSL Pro

$119.99 Annual

Organization Validation

Instant SSL Pro is an organization validated SSL certificate. The process to get one usually takes a few days, and requires light business vetting, but the payoff is undeniable, after all trust is the cornerstone of e-commerce.

$100,000 Warranty

You never have to worry about Sectigo costing you money with Instant SSL Pro. Sectigo has put its money where its mouth is, if anything goes wrong you’re covered up to $100,000.

Sectigo Secure Seal

Sectigo is the world’s biggest Certificate Authority and its name means something online. The Sectigo Secure seal included with the Instant SSL Pro showcases that you have spared no expense on cybersecurity.

Instant Assurance

An OV SSL certificate provides users with verified business information in both the certificate details and upon click the Sectigo Secure seal. Nothing builds trust faster than good authentication.


Instant SSL Pro is Organization Validated. It should take 1-3 days to complete authentication and get it issued.


Instant SSL Pro is backed by a large $100,000 warranty that pays out if there’s ever an error by the Certificate Authority.

Site Seal

Instant SSL comes backed by the Sectigo Secure seal, one of the most instantly recognizable and trusted seals on the internet.

Product Line

Instant SSL provides industry standard encryption and instant assurance to any company or organization.

Assurance & Authentication

Instant SSL Pro finds the middle ground between the lowest price point on an Organization Validation certificate and the peace of mind that’s granted by a large warranty. It will provide your customers with verified business details if they know where to look. However, if your company or organization needs to maximize trust and consumer confidence, we recommend considering one of our Extended Validation products. EV is a lot more cost-effective than you may think and some certificates even pay for themselves.