Sectigo Instant SSL

$83.99 Annual

Organization Validation

Instant SSL is an Organization Validated SSL certificate. You’ll have to undergo light business vetting before the certificate can be issued. This usually takes just 1-3 business days, but can be expedited.

$50,000 Warranty

Instant SSL comes backed by a $50,000 warranty to protect your company or organization in the event there is ever any sort of error or catastrophic failure on Sectigo’s end.

Sectigo Secure Seal

Online and in the world of business, few names carry the weight and influence of Sectigo—the world’s largest Certificate Authority. The Sectigo Secure seal shows your site is safe and is aligned with the best.

Instant Assurance

Organization Validated SSL certificates display verified business information whenever a customer checks out the certificate details or clicks on your site seal. It has been proven that having a secure site increases sales.


Instant SSL is Organization Validated. It typically takes 1-3 days to authenticate and issue.


Instant SSL is backed by a $50,000 warranty that pays out in the event of an error by Sectigo.

Site Seal

Instant SSL comes backed by the Sectigo Secure seal, one of the most instantly recognizable and trusted seals on the internet.

Product Line

Instant SSL provides industry standard encryption and instant assurance to any company or organization.

Assurance & Authentication

Instant SSL provides instant assurance in the form of organization validation, this means that if a customer knows where to look – either in the certificate details or by clicking the site seal – they can easily find verified business information. This is considered mid-level authentication. It’s a head and shoulders above DV, but it doesn’t slap the customer in the face with identifying information, either. If you’re looking for the highest level of authentication possible we recommend you explore our Extended Validation options. They’re more affordable than you may think and offer maximum assurance.