Sectigo Positive SSL Wildcard

$149.99 Annual

Domain Validated

The Positive SSL Wildcard certificate is a Domain Validated SSL certificate. Just prove to Sectigo that you own the registered website and this certificate will be yours in just minutes.

$50,000 Warranty

The Positive SSL Wildcard comes with the standard $50,000 warranty. Should anything go wrong on Sectigo’s end, your website is insured for up to ten thousand dollars’ worth of damage.

Wildcard Functionality

Not only does the Positive SSL Wildcard protect your website, it also protects all accompanying sub-domains as well. Simply use an asterisk in place of the sub-domain level you wish to protect during the CSR generation process. (Example: *

Remove Negative Browser Indicators

Since 2017, the web browsers have begun marking sites served over unencrypted HTTP as “Not Secure.” The Positive SSL Wildcard reverses these indicators and marks your website “Secure.”


The Positive SSL Wildcard is a Domain Validated certificate. Prove ownership over your domain and it can be issued in minutes.


The Positive SSL Wildcard is backed by a $50,000 warranty that will pay out in the event there is ever any issue on the CA’s end.


The Positive SSL Wildcard can encrypt one fully-qualified domain and an unlimited number of accompanying sub-domains

Site Seal

The Positive SSL Wildcard comes with a dynamic site seal. It can be displayed on login and checkout pages to help boost trust.

Product Line

Positive SSL turns your negative browser indicators positive by providing affordable access to powerful encryption products.

Assurance & Authentication

The Positive SSL Wildcard was created as an affordable way to quickly encrypt a website and all of its sub-domains while turning negative HTTP warnings and browser indicators into positive ones. But while the Positive SSL Wildcard will get your website and sub-domains marked “Secure,” it won’t provide authentication of your identity. If you’re looking for a greater degree of assurance – which is vital for e-commerce companies, financial institutions and a range of other companies and organizations – then we suggest checking out the InstantSSL Premium Wildcard or one of the products in the Sectigo line.