Sectigo Positive SSL

$14.99 Annual

Domain Validated

Positive SSL is a Domain Validated SSL certificate, so all you’ll need to do is provide proof of ownership over the registered domain. Afterwards, your certificate will be issued by Sectigo within a matter of minutes thanks to the fully-automated issuance process.

$50,000 Warranty

Positive SSL comes equipped with a $50,000 warranty from Sectigo. That means that in the event there is ever a problem on Sectigo’s end, your website will be insured for up to ten grand worth of damages. So, rest easy, you’re covered.

Remove Negative Indicators

Since the beginning of 2017, web browsers have been penalizing unencrypted website with security warnings and negative browser indicators. Positive SSL gets rid of these by encrypting communication to and from your website and enabling HTTPS.

Protect Your Integrity

Positive SSL protects against content injection by ISPs and other third parties. Without encryption, it’s possible for others to alter your site and undermine its integrity. Positive SSL protects against this with strong industry-standard encryption.


Positive SSL is a domain validated SSL certificate, it can be quickly authenticated and issued within minutes of purchase.


Positive SSL comes backed by a $50,000 warranty in the event there is ever an issue on the CA’s end you’re covered for up to that amount.

Site Seal

Positive SSL comes with a dynamic Positive SSL site seal. It can be displayed on login and checkout pages to help boost consumer confidence.

Product Line

Positive SSL turns your negative browser indicators positive by providing affordable access to powerful encryption products.

Assurance & Authentication

Positive SSL is all about providing affordable access to powerful encryption products and turning negative HTTP warnings and browser indicators into positive ones. Positive SSL will get your website marked “Secure.” What it won’t do is provide authentication of your identity beyond listing an email address for the site owner. If you’re looking for a greater degree of assurance – which is vital for e-commerce companies, financial institutions and a range of other companies and organizations – then we suggest checking out the Positive SSL EV or even one of the products in the Sectigo line.