Do you want to be a Wholesaler?

If you want to be a wholesaler you must comply with each of our conditions.

Wholesale Policies

You must read our wholesale policies and agree with each of our stipulated conditions.

Wholesale purchases

Your purchases must reach a minimum of $39.10 USD, every time you want to make a purchase, and at the end of each month you must accumulate at least $325.80 USD in purchases, only then you can continue to maintain your wholesale profile, and you can continue shopping with the low prices otherwise your account will become a common customer account and you will not be able to opt for our best prices.

Note: You will receive your invoice and digital products in your email in an estimated time of 24 hours.

Payment Methods

Our payment methods are only through paypal, credit card, bank deposits, if you decide to pay by check in our bank account your product will arrive until we verify that we really receive your payment. At the end of your transaction you must send us the receipt to our email When we receive your proof of payment and verify it, we will send you an email to your email.

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